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Well Oasisband has been though a lot in its 5 years, since its inception on March 30th, 2001. We've seen ups and downs, and until several weeks ago we were not even a real domain. We were a pseudo domain running in a frame. Instead of having some kind of cheesy spectacular, I'll just tell you what to look forward to. A complete site overhaul is on the way for the sites 5th birthday. We are transitioning from HTML 4.0 to a strict XHTML/CSS system and have plans to begin offering a number of services, including but not limited to Omnipresence, a simple notepad that will allow you to keep notes between multiple computers. Moving the site into our own database allows us a few justices, for example the new Oasisband wide search (Click Here) is in the works. Also, we are working on moving to just Oasisband.net rather than www.oasisband.net as many of you may have already noticed. Oasisband is still growing and I have dreams of bringing back the community. If anyone has any ideas, or would like to write for the site just contact me at donatj@oasisband.net.

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