Am I wrong?

This is really just some random tangent, but here's what I think. If someone wants to commit suicide let them, they have their reasons and the world is overcrowded enough as it is, so if people are going to kill them selves more power to them. If everyone who wanted to commit suicide would, think of all the mouths that could be fed of people who don't want to die but will due to starvation. Think of all the money that could be saved, just think about it. Suicide should be encouraged to help prolong man kind's meaningless existence, instead of shunned and looked down upon. Suicide in my eyes is about one of the most respectable things a person can do. Secondly what give you the right to tell somone they must live in a place they hate so very very much. Some say its "the easy way out" and they meen that in a disrespctfull way, but water takes the easiest root as does electricity and these are both very noble things. Well this is my random thought for today, please don't take offence.

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