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New comics

I have had trouble with some of the new comics. (Sorry for the lack of updating) But, if you need something weird to tide you over check out the gallery.

New Interface

After trouble with the original Navbar that I made with Netscape Composer(which created a bunch of unneeded tags), I decided to replace it with one programmed 100% by hand. Tell me what you think about it by emailing me at Well, I like it, and I think it may stay on my site for a while.

Something Special

July is declared Anime month on, I have no clue what this is going to mean, or the ramifications, just sit back, relax, and watch out for the narwhal

A New

-Jesse and I are currently working to expand We will be re-adding the gallery and hopefully adding official T-shirts. Some of the shirt ideas are: Youre With Stupid and I (heart) Indifference. Also if any one has questions, business, or pictures of llamas, lawn gnomes, ect. e-mail me at
And new DBH comics (not that they are comical)

ATimes is up!!

-aNaRcHiSt TiMeS is now up and ready, it is a place for Chris Franson and I to express our opinions, Chris wanted to stay anonymous, but while I was signing him up I screwed up and entered his name, so it doesn't matter anymore. Well, check it out, its cool!!

More Comics, New Page, Even LESS Plot?

-More comics have been uploaded, DHB lives on, I am wearing pants, but thanks to my struggles with Windows ME, I was not able to upload them all, and was forced to format my hard drive, then kick my computer in the balls several times, before realizing it didn't have any, then to scream out from the pain my foot was in, and reinstall Windows, Dear god I need 98!!!

Work on an E-Zine has Ended with DEATH!!!

-Well, not so much death, as the writer deciding she doesnt want her magazine taken off paper and put into an electric format. We only hope her the best, and now I am working on another magazine/paper with a person I go to school with who wishes to remane anonomous. I hope this one works out, time will tell.

Work on an E-Zine has Begun

-We can only hope for the best, its supposably run by a liberal, but we figured we needed some variety. It is supposably also going to help us get some hits, and that is never bad. Well we wish the magazine good luck, and we'll see what happens. It may be days or weeks until you see anything at all, or it may never happen, wait and find out.

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