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We'll Be Back

As you've probably noticed the page looks a little funky. We were hacked a few days ago, and Joel has disabled writing (ie: updating the counter) until he figures out what caused the problem, and how to fix it. He's talking about moving us to a different server, which should be interesting. We'll be back to normal soon though.

Slow News Day

Ever wanted to buy a PS3 from me? Now you can!!! Click Here!


We're not dead yet, though looking at this chart of our hits as of late, next near. How do we draw hits? What would you do? Anyone who wants to write awesome content or knows someone who can write, or has amazing ideas for the site get a hold of me: here.

Fixed Feed Amoung Other Things

The oband feed has had some slight repairs, as if anyone but I cares. Also, I got tired of "Best Night Ever"'s being mixed in with my Best Week Ever video feed, so I made one that filters them out... here...

Forshizzle In The Hizzel For Rizzel

First off I have a radio show on KNDS 4-6 am Fridays. Second I?m not calling it that no matter what you do. Here is the crappy web site if you want to check the stream Listen to me screw up should be fun! Also I need a name for a show, so any ideas get them to me!

Feed Me

Oasisbands new RSS feed is operational after much fighting. As Paul put it "They dont like you, seriously, saw an aritcle about it on the web, 'RSS2.0 hates Jesse Donat' they were very in depth" I intened tto fix it up some over time, as it was a little hackishly thrown together. If you're using Firefox you can subscribe by clicking that icon on the right of the address bar, or you can use an external reader. I'll put a link to it in the side bar later. It can be found here: link Also, if you're using Firefox, but wish to use an external reader, Feed Your Reader is a great extension, available here.

Steve Irwin Died Today

Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" one of my favorite crazy bastards died today messing with a stingray.  As Mike says “That'll teach him to fuck with stingrays” (cite BBC News) He will be greatly missed by young and old alike.

New Comics Up!

After much waiting new comics are up (Over 150 comics now (woot)). Two by me and the rest by me and Meka (the difference should be painfully clear). More on the way soon so keep checking. I did my part not the rest of you lazy bastards post some thing.

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