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A Midsummer Nights Update

As you've probably noticed updates have been slow to non-existent lately. A lot of this has been my hectic life as of late. I would like to get some more work in on the site now that my kidney stone is gone and things are starting to settle. First order of business is to get the Writers admin working. I have absolutely nothing to do this weekend, so we'll see if I can't knock that out. I've also got some restructuring I'd like to get in, but one thing at a time.

Late Night - Update

Just a little note before I head to bed, working on restoring most of the missing Oasisband 2 stuff, users pages are kind of back, The Medium / PM5MT is uploading right now and has been moved here: and all goes well will be fully functional when I get up in the morning (pending a possible redesign). Obloglog for the writers soon, my attribute system is proving a pain to write an admin around.

OB3 is Live!

As you have probably already noticed Oasisband version 3 is live. There's quite a bit left to do yet, but frankly, I was sick of looking at the old one. If you're one of the crazy few using IE6 I feel sorry for you because frankly, I didn't make this site to work in IE6 at all.

As for the few remaining writers, a new version of the Obloglog is heading nearing completion, and you'll be able to post again fairly soon, I can get anyone their login info who needs it.

I'm arguing with my self over if I should, and which rich text editor to use. I built one based on a friend at works, but it has some flaws.

This isn't quite what I had planned, but it is certainly a stepping stone to better things. If anything the new database will empower us to do a lot more. There are several design elements in the works, certainly some art-deco-ing. A prettier footer, and integrating a search box into the header.

Any way about it, things are going to get fixed. I realize I forgot about Omnipresence when my widget broke, hehe. That'll be fixed soon.

We Have Release Date

The new site is coming along quite well, although its not up to "the dream" yet, not even close, but any way two ways about it its better and more maintainable than the current site. Theres not that much left to do before I'd be happy with a launch, I'm currently fixing some database stuff, I need to get some major work in on the Obloglog, finish up the comics section, get some preliminary work done on the users pages and maybe improve the way movie reviews work a little, but really end of the month is a doable goal.

It is actually something of a forced launch date as our gracious host is shutting down this server, and has intentions of migrating us to a new server with all the latest bells and whistles (PHP5, MySQL 5, etc) and I figure why monkey with the old site to make it work on the new server when I've got this shining new one. So as it stands, expect the new Oband sometime around the first of the year!

-Jesse Gordon Donat

Nearly Mandatory News Update

Oasisband has been under some neglect as of late, but I assure you the promised new site is still under active development. There are a number of things I want to get working prior to the new site going live, one of the most challenging as well as most important of these is the completely rewritten admin. There have been some challenges as of late, and some things going on in my personal life which have hindered my work on the site. I am still optimistic for a launch by the end of the year. I’m sure as many of you are well aware the shout box has been constantly attacked by spam bots for the last few months. I’ve taken steps to protect it currently, and the one coming will be far better protected. Thank you for your patience.

New Site: Update

Despite what some of you might think, I have indeed been hard at work on version 3. Its nearing completion with just a few hurdles still standing in my way, but I figured I'd post an update for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Its quite an improvement from the screenshot linked in the last post. Check it out here.

Any feedback is welcome!

Keeping You up to Date

With work and what not, getting in updates has been a little hard lately (notice, its been 3 months for news on the homepage, jeeze. Well heres an update, Click here for a preview of the new Its a work in progress, and as such not all the details are set in stone, but of the several designs I've had in the last two years this is certainly the best. Its built out for the most part, I just need some motivation to actually redo the database structure to get along with the new simpler design. relocating some of this stuff isn't going to be a walk in the park. Its going to allow a lot more freedom though, reviews of anything with any attribute you can think of. I hate to say it, but a large piece of my database design I've been working on is based on the OSComerce attribute mod, though greatly simplified. Heh, making carts is starting to mess with my mind.


I was going to work on the site tonight, and then boom, my testing server dies. GAH. Not only that, but due to me being lazy, there were still hundreds of calls to the testing server from Oasisband, and I've spent the last 45 minutes fixing those. No ETA on when the other server will be back up, Hopefully before the weekends over. Oband should actually be faster than ever now though.

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