337 14n b0x

A certain Wellstone Whore who will remain nameless (think...) approached me during 3 block earlier today. He slowly removed a stack of 3 or 4 anime DVDs from his backpack and in a desperate attempt to be rebellious said, "Hey Nick! I'm going to hijack the tech presentation room during lunch and watch some anime! Care to join me?" I chuckled, then mockingly declined, and thought to myself, "The presentation room will be in use and he will return to class with his tail between his legs..." Of course my prediction was correct. One would think that after being shot down so many times, Mr. Activist would change his ways. Oh no. He continues to astound me. With such classic comments like "Will you help me build a 1337 14n b0x?" and "Pete Markham is a cubicle jack-off guy," the end of the stupidity remains an extremely distant point in perhaps only an alternate universe. Will he ever realize that no one takes him seriously? Will he ever realize that his so-called "activist efforts" will never ammount to anything? Is death the only escape?

Also, "meh" is a completely heinous word and all that use it should be shot.

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