5000 . . . Ain't It Beautiful

I would like to congratulate Jeff and Jesse for achieving 5000 hits, because I know it wasn't easy for them to create this much bull shit, but they did it and we are all worse of for it. Instead of continuing my celebratory phrases I would instead like to describe the newest member of the Oasisband team the 5000 hit thingy guy. To all you intellectually superior beings out there like myself you don't have to read this but to you feebs here is a history lesson. The reason Teddy, the one of the left, is weilding a bat or a stick you might call it is because of the big stick diplomacy that dominated Teddy's presidency and was the precusor into the American involvement of WWI as he changed the American pattern of isolationism into imperialism. FDR is carrying propoganda papers because his presidency can be remebered by the propoganda of the time saying that FDR was a good president also the WWII propoganda that was ever present throughout WWII. Regan is carrying a light saber for obvious reasons, in that he was the president who started operation Star Wars to protect America from missiles and other such airborne weapons through a satelite in space. And lastly Gore is in the background with hate rays because we all know the evil he would have spread if he were to have become president (I supported Gore for that very reason actually).

That there is the BIOS of the new and wonderful member of the Oasisband team, and Jeff and/or Jesse congrats on turning a crappy idea for a website into a horrible monster that constantly consumes brain mass from the viewing public. Amen I say to you.

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