A Muddle of Writing Containing Offensive Thoughts on China Among Other Things

I had a conversation with Andy Borne a while back where I said something to the extent that the only way to keep America on top was to keep china poor by any means possible.  He called this Malthusian and frankly I have to agree with him, and more so with Malthus.  While his equations may not have been correct, there was no way he could have predicted the advances of the late nineteenth and twentieth century. Don’t give me any of that optimistic “we’ll find a way” bullshit, we are draining the topsoil at a staggering rate, and as if to add insult to injury we are beginning to use food to power our vehicles (think ethanol)?  Do you have any idea how many calories it takes to power a car? By pure food value a gallon of ethanol has 244,939 (cite: http://reddit.com/info/drah/comments) That’s enough to feed 122 people for a day or more… to get you what? 25 miles? Blasphemy. I’ll come back to why I hate ethanol in a later post.  Anyway, back to china.  Simply put they need to be kept poor for the worlds sake.  Think of the energy demands that would be put on the world if 2 billion Chinese suddenly lived the extravagant American lifestyle.  The world simply couldn’t take it.  America needs to stop importing Chinese goods, for import is undeniably dragging down American Business,  and a huge piece of the Chinese import is from Wal-Mart (despite me liking their anti-union policies) and they need to be stopped.  As much as I enjoy the utopian idea of a completely free, self regulating market, we’re not ready for it, theres too much imbalance, and buying things from china puts American companies out of business, or worse yet sold to China.  In example, RCA’s Television Manufacturing Division.  Well that was random, but it’s a post.

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Comment by: Jesse Donat on Aug 28, '06
No comments? I'm surprised, though not very
Comment by: forshee on Aug 29, '06
All political arguments should end like that.

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