A New Year...The Fight Continues

As we begin a New Year, the war begun nearly a year and a half ago by nineteen suicidal madmen is still continuing. I fear that those in power may destroy its meaning for their own political advancement, but we must never forget what this war is about. America is, without doubt, the most powerful country in the world. With that power comes great responisibility. The United States must fight this fight with morality in mind. The United States continues to negotiate with corrupt, dictatorial regimes in the Middle East who consider the U.S. their enemy, yet still reap the benefits of the United States' friendship. Saudi Arabia, a corrupt monarchy, gets billions of dollars yearly in U.S. aid, yet still funds, extremist Wahabi Islam, an Islamic sect that spreads anti-semetic and anti-american messages from Europe, to Pakistan, and beyond. 15 of the 19 hijackers during September 11 were Saudi, all hijackers were radicalized in Saudi funded Wahabi institutions IN EUROPE, and Saudi money pays for most of Bin Laden's operations. This is bad enough without mentioning the fact that in Saudi Arabia, there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, and that religious police enforce strict Taliban-like Islamic law in that country. Saudi Arabia has harmed the U.S. much more than Saddam Hussein, yet, they still get U.S. aid and sell America oil. If the U.S. wants to improve its image, fighting terrorism is not the problem, the problem is the hypocracy that it uses to fight it. If the U.S. truly wants to support democracy and freedom around the world, they must remember what America stands for as they fight terrorism. Let the Saudi princes eat oil!

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