A Simple Response

Every one you know seems to be maturing? Who are these people? If you don’t think your mature enough for a “real collage” you might be surprised. . . You will be surprised. The growth your looking for may just come with a new situation. I really do think that putting your self in the freshmen dorms and just kind of jumping headlong into the whole thing would be a big help to you. (I didn’t really get that chance living in the hotel 75 for my first semester) This is as I’ve said before also selfish on my part (assuming you would come to NDSU) because I want you up here. I don’t think we ever had enough time to really get to know each other which is odd because its been along time. I guess I don’t understand how Brittany and the driver’s license makes us not be peers any more. That just doesn’t make any since to me. As for bleu I don’t remember that moment as clearly as you because I’ve had so many of those moments. That’s really how me and Gross got so close we studied film, probably a few hundred or so. Art has a way of unifying people. Its just a way of saying the unsayable. The people I know are what dives me forward its simpler for me to do things for other people then to do for my self. But do not fear; fear eats the soul. So come up to Fargo you might learn something and the change of scenery might do you good. Well do something anyway your not going to win this race standing still (and you probably already know that).

Yours in ten minuets or less (or your pizza is free),
Jeff Forshée

Comment by: Jesse Donat on
The License part is that you have taken a step towards adulthood I'm not prepared to
Comment by: Forshee on
Adulthood normaly people get it at 16. I think your just building up all this stuff in your head you have too much reflection time.
Comment by: Jesse on
Quite possibly... Far too much reflection time is what watertown does, though I go in hopkins now I'm actually *more* bored. In watertown I can ask my little sister to play halo at least...
Comment by: forshee on
you hear that? Sounds like fargo is calling. . .

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