Agree With Gross...In Part

Gross, you are dead on. Bush is pathetic when it comes to civil liberties and is quite arrogant. He believes that he can do anything he wants without explaining anything to the American people. On the other hand, I am not sure that if Gore was elected president in 2000, he would not have partaken in the same abuses. I also do not think that the DFL candidates in 2004 are any better than Bush when it comes to civil liberties. I do not see democrats attacking Bush very harshly on those issues, in fact, most support him on taking away civil liberties and would rather attack his stance on taxes. If a major political party came along in 2004 and stood for less government interference and remaining true to the U.S. Constitution, I have no doubt it would make a major dent in American politics. I know I would vote for that platform.

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