Andrew, you're right...

... the walkout did draw attention to a senseless war. However, if the main intent of the protest was to demonstrate the senseless nature of the whole situation, it could have been carried out much more effectively. Students skipping 20 minutes of school... how senseless and shocking! What we need is a return to 60s-era demonstrations, where protesters weren't afraid to counter a situation with an equal and opposite reaction. Take Hoffman, for example. The guy used the greedy nature of the stock market to essentially shut it down for a day: he went up above the trading floor and dropped a bunch of dollar bills down. The investors, in a fit of greed, panicked and dove after the money, basically shutting down trading for a day. The world saw Hoffman's point in one small, yet brutally simple act. Similarly, the anti-war movement should find some way to demonstrate the true absurdity associated with a war on Iraq. Like I said earlier: demonstrators should focus on effective free speech, not just banding together like a gaggle of geese whenever the hell they feel like it.
And Paul... Paul, Paul, Paul. After stumbling over your horrid grammar and wrapping my mind around your fallacious logic, I've come to the conclusion that you're a dork. While I essentially agree with you, that the walkout was a bomb, you seem to think that this justifies your stance as a "war hawk." As one with liberal philosophies (not necessarily liberal political ideologies) I can see no situation in which people with ideas akin to mine have deemed the right anything close to an "anti-christ." Those of us with liberal leanings aren't shocked that there are people who disagree with us. We've been shown that all too many times already. What we're shocked at is that those who don't agree with us can dismiss such a weighty matter as if it were yet another bill to pay, or what color shirt to buy. Maybe war is the answer, I don't know. I sure hope it isn't, but I haven't decided yet. That's what the liberals are all about: actually thinking, considering, and analyzing before making an important decision.

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