Annoying Entertainment & Media

Ugh... Do even have to explain? I'm mean seriously, what the fuck? Stoopid[sic] commercials, and internet ads galour. Do I really need online casinos telling me that I could have $700 for free for gambling, when it's illegal for me to gamble anyway? I'm just really pissed at all this fucking spam and retarded internet ads that I'm dealt throughout my day. I typically receive at least 15 emails per day asking me if I want their products, half of which are illigal. The companies just aren't thinking. For example, there is a certain ad that my constantly causes programs to crash on my computer; so after they ruin my computer, am I willing to pay them for their product? HELL NO! In fact, they're lucky I'm too lazy to retaliate. Also, I'm tired of unoriginal television commercials, and well, tv in general. I'm tired of all the moronic shitcoms that plague the airwaves. I honestly don't understand how anybody can watch such garbage. In fact, of all the good tv shows I can think of at least half are cartoons (Adult Swim: where would we be without ye?). What's even worse is that people pass off cartoons as being juvenile, even though they inherently have more creative potential. Why the hell are people so damn ignorant??

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