Battlefield Baseball

Alternate Title:
Jigoku Kōshien
Hell Stadium
Zombies, Baseball, Cyborgs, and old women with oversized hammers, what could go wrong? Everything.
Yudai Yamaguchi
MPAA Rating:

Firstly, let me apologize for the low quality of this review, but I promise it is thousands of times better then the caliber of the movie.

This movie had everything, zombies, baseball? wait, not everything, just zombies and baseball. Remember something cheesy you saw in a movie once upon a time? More then likely, it was used in this movie. Cheesy sound effects, breaking out into song, someone punching someone and crappy looking dummy goes flying, the list goes on.

The context of the movie is basically this: a high school baseball team is trying to make it to the finals, they find out they have to play "Gedo High School" in their first game. They are a team of zombies that instead of playing baseball just kill everyone. The principal is not going to let them play, but then sees a new student playing "Baseball Fight" with a local bully, and begs him (Jubei) to play so they can beat Gedo High School. After much begging by the principal and players on the team Jubei breaks into song and tells the tragic story of how he once threw a baseball so hard it went through his father and killed him. He then agrees to play. At the first game, he Jubei does not show up until after the entire team has been killed because he had to break out of prison. They proceed to kill him, but the best part is how they kill him. A bomb explodes; his fake body goes flying through the air, lands, and a tomb stone pops up. Several months later, he comes back to life and seeks revenge. He comes back just in time for the team which is dead to fight them Gedo High School again. He shows up at the game, and they mock him for not having a team, but then about half the dead team comes back cyborgs thanks to as they put it "advanced technologies." Other random people fill the rest of the team and they go on to fight the Gedo High School. They fight until once again no one is left but Jubei and the coach, and after a huge fight Jubei decides to show the coach mercy. But then one of the Gedo high school kids shoots the coach with a machine gun for being weak. Jubei is so pissed off that he hits the kid so hard his skeleton flies out of his body, and then he beats up his skeleton. He then looks around and notices that everyone is dead including the audience, and says some cheesy words about how it is all his fault and he should never have played baseball again after killing his father. He then cries and his tears bring everyone back to life. The End

Besides the fact that this was quite possibly the stupidest movie I have ever seen, it was actually somewhat entertaining. I think it would make a decent party movie as its short, only 1:20 long, and has quite a few things you would only laugh about with other people around. Overall it was OK. I wouldn't watch it again, but I don't necessarily regret watching it.

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