Bumper Stickers

We know em we love em, and I would like to comment on a couple of them.

The sign that we see the most often is the "I support our troops" sign which was pro-war. To me something seems really odd about this, maybe someone can figure it out for me, the sign suggests that in order to support our troops we have to send them off to Iraq in hostile terrority where about 5 a week are getting killed. And how is saying "go troops" supporting them. True support would be designing new technologies, or working in a program that will teach how to invent new products (robotics), or giving food and supplies to the troops. Here is how I will support the troops, by telling the president that he can't send them over to Iraq, that is true support. If I ask you guys for support please don't send me into south minneapolis with a ferrarri, a rolex, and a tutu, I just wouldn't to happy.

The other sign that I saw that I really liked was one that said "Dissent is patriotic" with the american colors in the background. I totally alleged with this bumper sticker and I am srue most of yall would have to, because being patriotic to a government founded on protest, rebellion, and revolution is only possible through dissent. Dissent is the most vital piece to democracy that once we have no more dissent, we will have no more democracy, it is needed.

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