Dear Franson . . . You Twisted my Nipples too Damn Far.

I want to start my editorial off by declaring that I have no problems with Franson now that I have met him, and realize that he is a good person. But with that comment I would like to continue to say that if you ever use the phrase Jumped the Shark I will jump you with a Hitler Youth Knife. And to a further extent I will turn you into a whoriation and a pogue at the same time. But on that note I also give you Kudos because unlike the disgruntled idiot that falls under the psydo name Krispy (which he isnt) doesnt know how to use the phrase to the least extent. To avoid other confrontations of stupidity the other phrases that you are no one else can say are as listed below. Pogue, Hitler Youth Knife, psydo Ass, quazi Bitch, Stussi deine kopf nicht on dar lampe, Stussi deine impr?gnieren on dar lampe, whoriation, whoriator, or any other sort of line that I use on occasion. Yes, yes I will admit it AP has sent me over the cliff and I have snapped, and to an extent a raving psycho fool. And you quoting this line that I stole from Duffy, who stole from some other place that got it from Happy Days, makes me go even more crazy. So you have twisted my nipples to far as you pushed me from being crazy to stark raving mad. On one hand I applaud you efforts, but on the other hand I plan on killing you slowing while you sleep and watch you suffer under the sleak wisdom of my once Nazi weilded knife. El Fin (of the editorial and possibly of you).

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