Dear United Nations: We Need Freedom of Thought as a Human Right

"British historian David Irving has had his conviction for denying the Holocaust upheld by the Austrian Supreme Court... The historian was also on trial for claiming the November 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom, when Nazis attacked and torched thousands of Jewish businesses and synagogues, was not the work of Nazis but of others who had dressed up as stormtroopers."(Cite BBC News)

I've talked about this before, but making it illegal to question history is THE MOST fascist thing possible. I don't agree with this mans views, but imprisoning him simply because he doesn't believe something is completely ridiculous.

Comment by: Forshee on
Indeed. I can never be illegal to be stupid. Even though some of those mornons deserve it.
Comment by: Forshee on
Yay typo!

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