Does the buck stop?

We all know that I am not a Bush supporter, but one event has gotten me very upset. In the STU speech that Bush made about the Iraq being supported by the African nation Liberia (?) (too late fo me) was fine. So what Bush got bad intelligence and embelished some intelligence to make it seem more severe than it was, as all politicians do. In all seriousness this small little detail would not have effected whether America went to war with Iraq or not. But here is what makes me angry at Bush, he refused, for three weeks to take any blame for this action. Kennedy took all the blame for the Bay of Pigs, which was probably less his fault than this was Bush's, and what happend? His ratings rose significiantly, because American's realized their pres. was in control. Bush refused to do that for us and it raised the question in my head, where does the buck stop? If our president is blaming other people for the mistakes in the office, it raised another question, who has the control? When we vote for Bush who are we voting for, because this incident defintely makes it seem that Bush is not in charge.

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