Effeminate Men - The Super Race

I know that I have always felt good about myself for one good reason and that is that I am somewhat masculine. God gave me at least that one gift, but as I look back on life and reflect is being straight really a gift?

Everyone makes the assumption that effeminate men are nicer than masculine and typical men, so throughout my article I will as will make that assumption. What that assumption means though is that effeminate men are already better than mascline men in their emotional life and personal life. But the other part about effeminate men is they are now the ones who are working out and getting into shape at the fitness gyms. This means when walking down a street and you notice someone completely buff, you are going to think wow that guy is gay. This gives effeminate men even more of an advatage in life and that is that they can kick our asses, while at the same time looking good and not being incredibly overweight. And then as a good girl friend that I know "All gay men are hot." Since effeminate men aren't neccarily gay, but for the most part effeminate men look gay.

So my problem is that all women now want effeminate men and it is pissing the hell out of me. Men aren't supposed to look pretty and be so effeminate, they are supposed to get the money in the family and be gruff. This doesn't mean be asswholes, but they shouldn't have to be all cute and so on. Just look at all the new models - not a single fucking hair on their entire body NO ME FUCKING GUSTA. This is just my rave because I have always thought I was better than the little girly boys and now I have to question that idea.

Comment by: Jesse Donat on Mar 1, '06
I concur, no me fucking gusta. My body hair stays, damn it

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