Erik Greene

First of all, I don't see how anyone can make an argument that what we are doing in Iraq is still bad after you've seen the pure and unrestrained joy that the Iraqis demonstrated after the highly symbolic toppling of the statue of Hussein. I think that that proves to all of you who thought Iraq loved Saddam were sorely mistaken. Nobody loves being oppressed, and the filter that Saddam had in place for foreign countries such as the US were complete lies. Now, in address to the restructuring of Iraq, I don't see where the UN should even be considered. They made it extremely obvious that they did not want any part of war, save a few countries. We took this task upon ourselves, we spent our soldier's lives, and to let a third party try and control what we sweat and bled for is incredibly illogical. We went in there with a purpose, otherwise we would not have went in in the first place. Now that we have done the dirty work, let us establish what we see as best fitting. Then Gross, if the UN sees our new regime in any way inadequate, then let them propose any new changes for Iraq. The bottom line is, the quicker we establish a new government, the less likely it is that a new facist party will seize power, and the vicious cycle repeats itself.

-Erik Greene

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