Erik's third post

Ok, Paul and Gross, you guys see what I'm getting at with my speech. Our school, as well as the state, has its priorities way out of whack with how we can and do spend our tax $. While the things we get are all fine and dandy, they would be put to much better use if we were allowed to spend it on things such as school-subsidized AP testing, security of Orchestra, extra strength chains for the special ed students, etc. And yes, I knew about our max spending, despite not hearing it from Paul and/or Rex. I wrote that article to infer how screwed up our school, and state is currently with regards to it's budget. If our community is willing to put more into our education, why stop them??? This isn't some communist controlled regime, it's capitalism. Money is power. Our parents pay exorbant taxes, so let them, and us see the benefits of it in more than super (with a gay lisp) new construction projects! Hey, this is the Anarchy times, right? Down with the current state status quo!

-Erik Greene

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