During the course of human events, great evil arises. Such cases include the rise of Hitler's genocidal madness. A more contemporary example Jerry Falwell's hatred of gays, stating that all gays will go to hell and that God hates them. This brings us to the little thought of continent of evil, Australia. While settling the colony, the white settlers nearly eliminated an entire race of people known as the aborigines. With aboriginal blood, the settlers built up a prosperous colony, and started selling many products from it, namely Subaru cars!
The worst of these cars is the Subaru WRX, which has no practical usage whatsoever. Whoever drives it is driving over the corpses of dead aborigines, and showing off the wastefulness and genocidal nature of Western Civilization. Just as Hitler drove his Mercedes, so too do others drive their wasteful sports car. For shame. Evil is still all around us, even as you drive down 394.

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