First Poem in Ages

First Poem in Ages

frigid existence
Eternal Sleep
mahogany box
love's price was steep

A life has ceased
wailing laments
show the Dying wails
herein entrenched

what once was laid here
has come to naught
through nothings of life
he does here rot

the knife to the neck
to long-forgotten
care for a dream

Death is herein come
on swift-winged steed
for when all is naught
life's naught, indeed

finest silken suit
the carrion wears
respect for the Dead son
the highest of cares

entreat these remains
to cold earth below
that spiritless life
be ended alone

so come now, Reaper
i entreat thee
with one fell swing
of thy blade decree

that another soul
hence forth walks with thee
glitter of metal
struggle to breathe

goodnight to life
sun rises on night
i bid thee fairwell
i bid thee fairwell . . .


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