Fly the Confederate Flag High and with Pride

There is currently a war raging in the south whether the state flag of Georgia should have the confederate flag in it or not. The African Americans object to it because they say it's racist. You have to realize though that the civil war was not about slavery. In truth, it was all about economic issues. The north was really for lack of a better word fucking the south over. Now days the Super Liberals want to make it out to be a battle fought for freedom, while truly it was a battle fought for money. It is the history of the south and therefore should not be forgotten, let them raise their flag. It is a simple piece of fabric, no more meaning then the beholder cares to put into it. And if that beholder is so feeble that he feels offended by a simple piece of fabric with a pattern on it then so be it. But it is these men that will be the damnation of all man.

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