Greetings, All

Yes, I relearned how to type. Now then, morality. It's true that what Osama bin Laden planned and executed on September 11th was, by most moral standards, very wrong indeed. However, is it not also true that if we kill a similar number of people in the name of retribution, we become no better than the people who murdered over two thousand innocent civilians in one day? Honestly, do you think that we can end the pain inflicted upon the United States by bloodying our own hands? Do we end hatred by crippling a nation with a sample of our own? Look at Germany, post World War One. The Treaty of Versailles crippled the German economy, and as 2.5 million German soldiers lay dead on the battlefields, hatred for the old enemies of Germany rose. As a direct result of the harsh treatment of Germany post-World War One, World War Two claimed the lives of 61 million soldiers and civilians. The initial act of terrorism to set World War One in motion, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, claimed the lives of two. Just another angle.

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