Guest Blogg From Erik Greene

I feel that I need to come clean to people on my feelings on the pending war. I sent this out as an email a couple days ago, so if you've already read this, congratualtions. The "protest" at school the other day only solidified my feelings that war is inevitable, and the anti-war advocates are flat-out wrong, or misinformed. If you can think of another "anti war campaign" justification, please let me know.

Lie #1. There are other alternatives

When anybody says this, they cannot come up with specific answers, or offer idealist jokes. The only way to handle this as of now is march in, armed, and let Saddam choose to fight or give in to free elections faucilitated by the US/UN.

Lie #2 We do not need to fight.

We have come too far to let a third world oppressor stand us up. If we do not invade, we are telling other 3rd world rebels in the middle east that it if you stand up to us, you will win. It is 10 times better to put down a single country than to have to fight the entire hostile middle east, where the casualites on both sides would grow exponentially

Lie #3 We will kill too many innocent civilians

Yes, civilians will die. It is a factor of war. However, on the grand scheme of things, it is better to accidentally take some in this war than to allow this American-hate to fester, and have many other wars present themselves. Can't you see that we need to put these people down, and then we will be much more peaceful than this pacifist attitude will bring us, thus bringing much more hostilities and subsequent death? For any overthrow, some cost will be assessed. However, we must act now, while the penalties will be at a minimum

Lie #4 We're only going for Gas/economy

Never has any government, media, or anything besides random speculation said that we are going for oil. Not even the LIBERAL MEDIA. what does that tell you? even those who hate Bush and all he stands for realize that it is not about oil. While this might boost our economy, see previous reasons, and then realize that it is not the primary factor here.

Lie #5. The Iraqi people do not want to be liberated

Wow. I really want to be oppressed, don't you??? You think it's the actual people who are saying they don't want to be freed, and not Hussein puppets? Next Lie, please

Lie #6 Bush is an idiot for this, and everything else he does

Think what you want about him, but he is surrounded by some of the smartest people alive today, and they all have a big say in what he does/says. He mainly just presents their plans to the US people. He's not the mastermind behind all this

And Finally,

Lie #7 (your name here) made a difference at the rally/protest today.

No, all you did was dissend from the country's planned course of action, with YOUR BEST AT HEART. The government is of, by.for the people. There is no ruling class. These people do what is best for you. If that had been an Iraqi protest, you'd all be murdered like cattle. Nice though, hm?

Really, when everything is considered, war is the only option. I am all for peace whenever possible, but here it is totally impossible. If we back down, all the rest of the Middle East will see us as fragile, and will stand like Iraq. That is not good, in case you cannot draw your own conclusions here. Imagine this scenario everything times 6. Interesting mental picture, eh?

-Erik Greene

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