Alright I have to do some Catholic explaining. Paul you are correct in saying that Gibson is an uber Catholic, but I would say that he is so uber Catholic that he isn't really Catholic. The Catholic faith was reformed in Vatican 2, but Mel like some other freaks resisted and really aren't apart of the Catholic Church, but rather their own little pre-Vatican 2 Catholic Church. To put it into context when Mel went to Rome to shoot the movie, he had to fly in his own priest because all the other priests in Rome didn't suit his worship style.

I would also like to clear one thing up for you guys, the Hierarcy of the Church especially the Catholic Church in the United States, serves mostly a guidance/symbolic position, and that when the Pope or an archbishop says something, people don't drop everything so they can accomodate the words of that person. Basically on the Drudge Report I saw a thing critizicising Kerry for taking communion because he is pro-choice. Umm that is perfectly fine according to Catholic Dogma and just because some conservative Bishops and others are anti-Kerry doesn't meen that Catholics feel that way. What this further shows is the prejudice we have in our system against Catholics. There is a thin line Catholics have to walk when they run for office because they get critisized either way. If they are too religious people say they are controlled by the vatican, if they aren't religous enough, people accuse them of not being religous and not right for president.

Oh and lastly I would like to remind people that we can't refer to Catholics as a voting block, there are so many Catholics and there is no trend in their voting pattern (that is substantial) to refer to a "Catholic Vote." There is no such thing and Fox, Yahoo, CNN and the Drudge Report have to get it together.

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