I am Angry Listen to what I say... Fool

I write today disgusted. The government has let the good people of this nation down, the promises made to are fore-fathers are no longer honored. I speak of the constitution that sacred document that binds this nation, it is a contract that many feel is no longer binding. In fact I'd be surprised if a single politician in Washington takes it seriously or has even read the document to which they owe their own jobs. I mean it. Take a look at all the laws they pass there these days; take gun control for example. Supporters of gun control argue that the Second Amendment was crafted during a time period where there was no protection from the wild beasts, and therefore it should no longer apply. They argue that it is too old, TOO OLD! Then why not discard the entire Bill of Rights or better yet the whole Constitution itself it's from the same time period, idiots. I'm sure they would like that to to have no restrictions governing their abuse of power, communists and liberal tyrants. If they had their way the country would be run by a combination Lenin and Caligula, because that is what they'd do to the american dream, redistribute it and watch it burn. They stand against every thing good and holy: entrapeneurship, founding fathers, and god. Look and see Washington's Birthday turned to "Presidents day" Jefferson's name besmirched by veiled allegations of rape, and the elevation of Martin Luther King allevated above the builders of the country with his own day. Not that I have any thing against African Americans but if the champion of every cause had their own day than every day would be a holiday. MLK only reformed an institution, granted the institution was bad but he did not shape a nation nor did he lay the foundation for all things american. Well it's a free day off school so what am I complaining about.
by an Angry Magico

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