Ignorance All Around

I was appalled by the walk out that took place today. First we have the people who are completely anti-war who would rather die from chemical weapons then stand up for your self, secondly we have extreme opposite, the flag toting idiots who don't even know WHY we are going to war. Asked one he replied "Because Iraq kills their own civilians?" at which point I decided to completely disregard anything further to come from their mouths. The "Nuke Iraq" signs were not only highly distasteful but also strongly insulted my intelligence not to mention the arrogant dumb asses (for lack of a better word) who toted these signs.

- As I see it the answer lies somewhere in-between. For one thing give Iraq its dignity back. We all saw what happened after World War 1 (i.e.: ww2) whereas the world treated Germany exceedingly poorly. What gives the US the right to have such weapons but not Iraq? Why should Iraq be required to defend them selves with outdated technology (mainly ground troops) whereas we the last remaining super power get to sit on our exceedingly fat asses and have the ability to blow anything up without being there.

- Lastly why do they call Sadam evil? He has been depicted as such by the government and by the media, but other than the deaths of a few Kurds is it really justified to call him a "madman?" I say no. We are not in second grade, quit the name calling

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