Intellectual Diversity

These days, many people claim that cultural and racial diversity is essential. There are quotas to make sure that blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans get special opportunites to advance in society because of this high view of "diversity." I do not think that racism is non-existant, but I also believe that it is not such a major factor that entire groups of people are held down solely because of their race. I also believe that elites forget a very important factor when deciding what is diverse, that is the opinions and views represented. The color of ones' skin does not effect the way of thinking, and therefore if you hire a black person over a white person, you still may receive only one point of view. No diversity is accomplished, and in this "democratic" society, group thinking will take place and reason will be lost. The only way to ensure our most important freedom, one that is not constitutionally protected, freedom of thought, is to allow people to be exposed to many viewpoints and choose for themselves the right path. Instead of checking what skin color a person has, maybe universities should explore whether or not a potential faculty member of student will add new perspective and world view to the institution. That would benifit a free-thinking society much more than checking the "race" section.

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