Oasisband.net Rewrite Lives!

It took just over 10 years(!) to get out the door, but a full rewrite of Oasisband.net in a maintainable modern MVC framework is now live - you are looking at it.

In reality there have been a lot of false starts at a rewrite. This time I figured instead of having a moving target of improvements, I would be better off just getting a visually identical version out the door ASAP and then fix from there.

If I've done my job correctly it should be hard to even notice anything is different.

I'm skeptical anyone other than myself is still interested in Oasisband, I've been looking for an outlet for some things I'd like to write that would not fit on my professional blog.

Coming soon:

  • Comics
    I have a couple comics hanging out that have never been posted. I'll get those up ASAP
    These are in fact now up.
  • Layout Cleanup
    A lot of things with the current design really irk me. Namely text alignment being all over the place.
  • Responsive Design
    I get emails from Google all the time about how Oasisband.net sucks on mobile, so I intend to fix that as best I can.
  • Better Author Pages
    It's only been 14 years since I promised them.
  • Obloglog
    I did not reimplement obloglog. If you'd like to post something, email me.

I'm in a way better place to actually implement fixes now that I'm not working around a rats nest.

Comment by: Jesse G. Donat on
Just making sure everything is wired up.

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