Jesus Christ, Paul, will you listen to yourself?

Go back and read your last post. Yeah. I'm weeping with embarrassment too. First you assert that free speech has conditions. Show me where it specifies conditions in the constitution, or any other definition, for that matter! Until you do, I'll brand you as a babbling fool. Hell, even if you do manage to back yourself up, I'll still call you a babbling fool. Then you go on to talk about "returning things to the way they never were." WHAT THE FUCK!? Are you saying that just because something hasn't happened yet it should never happen? If that ideology held true throughout history, we'd still be breaking mammoth skulls open with big pointy rocks. This is what I HATE about you political conservatives. You think that new things are bad. I'll admit that technology and recent advances may be somewhat detrimental to our way of life, but progress on the whole is a good thing. Especially political progress. So "returning things to the way they never were" is bogus.

Please prove to me that you're not as much of a dork as I think you are.

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