Keeping You up to Date

With work and what not, getting in updates has been a little hard lately (notice, its been 3 months for news on the homepage, jeeze. Well heres an update, Click here for a preview of the new Its a work in progress, and as such not all the details are set in stone, but of the several designs I've had in the last two years this is certainly the best. Its built out for the most part, I just need some motivation to actually redo the database structure to get along with the new simpler design. relocating some of this stuff isn't going to be a walk in the park. Its going to allow a lot more freedom though, reviews of anything with any attribute you can think of. I hate to say it, but a large piece of my database design I've been working on is based on the OSComerce attribute mod, though greatly simplified. Heh, making carts is starting to mess with my mind.

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