Kill Bill: Vol. 1

A movie with allot of blood, decapitation, bitchen sound track, and attempted style.
Quentin Tarantino
Blood Fest
MPAA Rating:

Oh Bill, we hardly knew thee. I was expecting much better from this film, I expected better from Tarantino, I expected wrong.

Here is my summary of the movie, chick gets shot, goes in a coma, comes out of the comma, decapitates like 90 people, the end. This movie was just non-stop blood squirting and decapitation. There was the occasional laugh, but other then that, blood and heads.

I will admit to it being somewhat neat how it switched between genres. There were parts of the film that seemed Western, 70?s, Anime, and B&W Kung Fu. The switching of genre?s was one of the few parts I enjoyed about the movie.

I will also admit that the sound track was bitchen, though it hardly makes up for the lack of artistic styling and the blatant over use of blood. I do understand though that that was what he was going for. My friend Andrew had this awesome theory that Kill Bill was just Tarintino testing his audience to see if they would love anything he put out, be it shit or otherwise. If this is true, it is quite obvious the American public has failed.

Even with how much it sounds like I hate the movie, I still am going to need to see Volume 2.

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