Let Us Never Forget Our Roots

Geocities is shutting down today. I am more than a little disheartened, and will miss Geocities. For all the mocking and scorn Geocities receives, and don't get me wrong, much of it rightly so, what it did do is encourage me, and I'm willing to bet multitudes of other children, to learn HTML. My first couple sites were hosted there, and hell, for a good piece of Oasisband.net's heyday it was hosted there. I cannot humbly thank them enough. It was by this I learned the skill by which now I make my living. As Geocities slips into the night with an almost inaudible wimper, I feel such gratitude and respect.

Rest in Peace, Geocities. You will live forever in my heart, and forever haunt the Wayback Machine.

Comment by: Shawn Chapman on
LONG LIVE GEOCITES... The place where it all started for me as well...

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