Magico I dislike You

Magico you come onto the Atimes as someone with many opinions and willing to express them, but the problem is that you don't like giving and substantial proof or to that matter barely any subsequent proof. If you want to rant and rave on this paper I will support it and I will listen to the bull shit you are saying, but providing no facts and just shooting off you mouth demeans the entire paper and it turns it into a paper that seems like a bunch a prepubescent children are shouting out their completely spur of the moment ideas. You said that gun control is completely against the constitution, but two things to say to this. One is that the constitution is a living article and that (eventhough I don't agree with this) can change and be manipulated to fit current situations. And two you said guns were to protect people from wild beasts, but I hope by wild beast you meant government -- as guns were neccessary to allow American citizens to form into militias to fight off the British government or rebel against any infair laws. In other words -- I don't disagree with your opinion about the constitution, but you need some facts that aren't pulled out from you ass and that have some substantial detail.

My second problem with your articles aren't as much with what you say but moreso you as a person. You first off call someone retarded and then steal her ball. Sorry but I don't support anyone stealing a ball from someone who is handicapped and furthermore to go and laugh at it is completely disturbing. And the other reason I dislike you is because you aren't very intelligent. In fact you are a feeb. You think that throwing random words over two syllables into your editorial makes you sound more intelligent, but since you don't fully understand the words you use it just sounds like you are an idiot. Also by using larger words and ones that aren't commonly used you are expressing a fair amount of arrogance because you are mocking people who don't have quite as large of a vocabulary as you. And lastly as I expressed before you have no concept of history or the concept of what a piece of evidence is.

My advice to you Magico is to get some knowledge to back your opinions and to contemplate your thought before you write them down on this web site and humiliate its intention of educating the masses. You are a feeb, and you write on this web site . . . and that just doesn't settle in my stomach.

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