Magico defends his honor

To the Glorious Donat of Oz
Can't we all just get along
To Gross
I may have not made this clear I meant that the libs think that the 2nd ammendment is outof date and from a time in which they were needed to fend off wild beasts not that they actually were. As you and I know many things that the libs believe are wild fantasys unbased in any form of fact what so ever. Secondly when did I say I laughed at the "specially abled" person. I did not laugh that was more of a chuckle. And my verbosity offends your humble personage, I say perchance a real feeb were to be traumatized by my petty prose as to become morose than I shall say to them in a volumous cristaline oratory (in small words so they would understand), "I you got it flaunt it." And if my postings of the last day were in any way not in the spirit of the site I appologize to all of the readers, they were origionally intended for my website. I will let you know it's address when I feel like it.
To a certian wanna be literary editor.
You offend me sir, correct me I am wrong but would you prefer I write in a different style. How about Ghetto speak, hommie g face, me dogs been axing me ta... that enough of that. How about shakespearian, aNaRcHiSt times, time-honour'd friend, Hast thou, according to thy oath and band, Brought hither Chris Franson thy bold son, Here to make good the boisterous late appeal, Which then our leisure would not let us hear, Against the Duke of Magicoland. Beat that mister change writing styles, I like my writing style, change your perceptions to match my writings instead.

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