My proposal for postwar Iraq

We leave. Seriously. Just get the hell out of there. As soon as all the military threats are mopped up, and it's quite obvious that Sadaam and the Fedayeen are dead or in prison, we just walk out. We let the Iraqi people figure it out themselves. Everybody assumes that some governing body has to make all the decisions here... can't we just let the Iraqi people do it?

"But that will just leave the country open for another dictator!" you say.
No. A dictator needs some means of support for establishing power, such as a militia or political route. Once we get out of Iraq, it will be completely decimated. We can make sure there are absolutely no weapons of any kind, and we can make sure that every last trace of the previous government is eliminated. It will then be every man for himself. Give anarchy a brief chance. I'm sure someone will rise to power eventually, or maybe very quickly. It would be interesting to see what results from a more or less blank slate.

And Paul... I'll bet you watch Fox News, don't you?

heh heh

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