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Hello everyone, and I'd like to say thanks to Jesse for allowing me to rant and rave with complete freedom now as a member of Atimes.

Now, in true anarchist form, I say fullheartedly "screw conforming to the Apple system!" This is basically a concession of failure on their part. They are admitting that they cannot stop the file-sharing online, so they are trying to call on people's consciences to get them to start feeding money back into their greedy hands. Too late. The music labels already are the immoral ones, seeing as a band sees less than $1.00 off of every $18.00 cd sold. Why aren't more bands crying out about the "great injustice"? Because they know people will still pay for their music one way or another. Whether it's for more tours, or clothing and accessories, bands will live on. Bottom line now is music control has gone to the hands of the people, and anything less than free-music will not suffice, or rattle enough people's consciences to make any drastic changes.

This also works, because I don't think family should directly benefit from their dead relative's genius. Especially if that relative was planning to divorce the spouse right before he died (Yoko Ono). Dumb whore

Hans, you should like this. Since bands will now have to rely solely on talent, perhaps more quality music will be made which "explores the emotions" as you put it. No more record labels forcing it on us.

So that took a few tangents, but you get my jist. Down with the norm, up with free music, movies, and love.

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