No Acting the Part of the Fool, Jesse

Corruption is nothing less than the strongest poison to any organization lording over a group of people with brains between their ears. Take pre-Communist Russia for example. The people recognized that the Romanovs were merely pawns to Rasputin's corrupting influence, so they killed said influence along wirh his supporters (in a slightly less spectacular fashion), and formed a coup which brought a new leader to power. However, this story has a downside as well. Their blind faith in the new form of government and its decisions brought them into the mindset that nothing could possibly harm them, as they followed Communism, whilst Stalin's regime became in many ways more corrupt and evil than Czar Nicholas's a quarter-century earlier. Thus, corruption can destroy a corrupted regime if the people are brave enough to see it, or, in a worst-case scenario, strengthen the belief in the regime and the country it rules. Oh, and by the way, Jesse, thank you for restoring the paper to its former glory days of existing above censorship.

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