No Such Thing

Barry Lyndon in wonderland?
Hal Hartley
MPAA Rating:
This is a monster movie more in the way of Alice in Wonderland then Attack of the Giant Sea Thing from Space (It has both a blond in pig-tails and a mad scientist). The story is of an old alcoholic monster who just wants to die and a secretary turned dominatrix(well not really but you'll know exactly what I mean when you see it). The whole movie is about as nonsensical which in my book is a big plus. Now don't get me wrong don't expect Lynch like surrealism. This is a fairy tail for adults. A genre that has not really been explored at all. Now just because it's a fairy tale doesn't mean its at all simple. This is one of those films that you can read into however you can just be content with what's there. I really like this film I saw it on TV and was just kind of pulled in. I liked it more then my rating shows. it's a hard movie to attach a number to because its so different. Many will discount this film because of the deliberate non-acting in parts (think Mulholland Dr.) and the great but goofy sound track (think if Casio made an acoustic violin) but if you want something different pick up a copy.

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