OB3 is Live!

As you have probably already noticed Oasisband version 3 is live. There's quite a bit left to do yet, but frankly, I was sick of looking at the old one. If you're one of the crazy few using IE6 I feel sorry for you because frankly, I didn't make this site to work in IE6 at all.

As for the few remaining writers, a new version of the Obloglog is heading nearing completion, and you'll be able to post again fairly soon, I can get anyone their login info who needs it.

I'm arguing with my self over if I should, and which rich text editor to use. I built one based on a friend at works, but it has some flaws.

This isn't quite what I had planned, but it is certainly a stepping stone to better things. If anything the new database will empower us to do a lot more. There are several design elements in the works, certainly some art-deco-ing. A prettier footer, and integrating a search box into the header.

Any way about it, things are going to get fixed. I realize I forgot about Omnipresence when my widget broke, hehe. That'll be fixed soon.

Comment by: Jesse Donat on
Not sure I ever tested comments on live. Here goes nothing with some'"/\!@# funky characters for extra good luck.

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