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Omnipresence goes public! I've added a new page to the site "Oasisband Services" which is currently just Omnipresence. Omnipresence is a notepad like tool that can be used either as a standalone application, or through the services page to keep track of notes between multiple computers, (school, home, work, etc) Personally I use it to keep track of things between my laptop, my tower, and my parents machine. I had found myself keeping text files on my desktops to keep track of notes and thought "There has to be a better way" so over the last Year Omnipresence has developed into its current form. All Oasisband writers have accounts, though the ones I don't have email addresses for (Chris Franson, Hans Kuder, and Nick Miller) might have trouble with their accounts. If anyone needs their passwords, the password recovery system will send it to the email address we have on file, though they may be outdated. If anyone needs assistance just email me (donatj@oasisband.net) and I'll be more than happy to help.

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