Of NHS and the Right Candidate

In the crazy world of Hopkins High School today, with its vastly diverse and dysfunctional Student body, staff, and architects (*cough, fireplace), we can all agree that worthless organizations and clubs are a waste of time and money. While many clubs are for the enjoyment of the members, some have become merely College application pads. I believe that, as of right now, NHS is a application pad. It is a worthless club whose members sit and do nothing, but look good doing it. The presidents of yesteryear, and candidates for this year are setting up for miraculous mediocrity, in that they will accomplish nothing, and do jack shit for our school. They will walk out with a pretty college application, and leave NHS to the worthless teachers' ends. Now, after talking to Ben Abrams, who plans to run for President, I am convinced that Ben is prepared to take this cesspool into the 21st century, and produce an influential, worthwhile club that will actually make a difference in Hopkins. Ben has expressed many progressive ideas for NHS, such as a reformed application procedure, NHS sponsored debates, the return of Toilet talk (A necessary supplement to HS life). These changes will, no doubt, significantly help the school for the better. While many run solely for their own ends, I believe Ben has everyone's best interests in mind, which will pay off in the long run for all of us.

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