On Opinions

One can't be 'wrong' per se based on a dictionary definition when one makes a point based on the falsity of the definition itself. You're comparing the validity of someone's argument with the validity of the text of a book, the core of which was written over a hundred years ago. I personally disagree as well, however a good point was made, and no ones post should be described as 'wrong', because opinions can't be wrong in the first place.

Good point, Andrew. I agree, sort of... The patriotism exhibited by our nation was the dictionary definition. Be that definition correct or incorrect, I do not know and have no authority to say. However, I believe that the patriotism exhibited by our country was either bad for the people of this nation and their power in government or at very least made no difference in it, because though our overwhelming patriotism in the days following the attack caused us to make the decisions which we then made (to entrust George Bush with the country's decisions for an as yet undetermined amount of time), our patriotism has proved itself superficial, and has all but died away by now (only eleven months later), leaving the decisions which we made at that time to govern us now. For instance, how many of you all know where George Bush has been for the past three weeks, and will be up until the start of school? If you guessed the White House, you're wrong. He's been spending the last three weeks relaxing at his home in Texas. Even though he is doing absolutely nothing toward the safety of this nation (aside from perhaps hitting the occasional terrorist with a golf ball, perhaps), when he speaks of the war we are at, none would speak up to point this out. We merely follow him and his words almost as blindly as we did on September Twelfth when we allowed him this control of the nation. Well, that's all for now I guess.


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