After viewing another informative episode of the O'Reily Factor on FOX news I came to the conclusion that I despise the program PETA. Than after reading Franson's inspired article on Oprah being the Queen of Feebs my hatred of PETA grew to a point where I couldn't retain it. The problem PETA with that I found is that it is tax exempt; this is because it is a non profit, government sponsored organization. And the problem with tax exemption is we the tax payers and future tax payers of America are having to pay extra to cover the amount that the tax exempt organization are not paying, which ultimately means that we the tax payers and future tax payers are giving money to these organizations. This would not bother me if my money was going to an organization that contributed to the betterment of America, as PETA openly does not do. PETA funds terrorist attacks on American companies that don't sponsor PETA's radical views of screwing humans and saving cows. As well as PETA isn't exactly a partial organization in the meaning that they definitly have an agenda and a radical view point, which means that all Americans are funding radical view points as well as terrorism, and that just doesn't settle in my stomach. PETA's tax exemption is a horrible problem that spawns from the Clinton administration, but then I ask myself the question, When the hell is Bush going to do something about it? So I personally wrote a letter to PETA and a letter to my state senator explaining my extreme disocontent and I would urge any American citizen who doesn't want their tax money supporting a radical terrorist organization, that is actually hindering the progress of America and not benefitting America in the least, to do the same as myself and petition to your state senators and write possibly a very threatening message to PETA telling to stop funding terrorism and stop putting their tax debt on the rest of the American, honest, tax payers. God Bless America -- God Crush PETA!

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