Productiv . . . what is the point in finishing the word!

As Americans, and maybe even broader as humans we need enemies. The line from Kubrick's movie FMJ referring to a soldier in nam is the perfect example of this. A loose dictation goes something to the extent of "All he needs is someone to be chucking grenades at him for the rest of his life." This line was referring to the character "Animal Mother" who is very unintelligent, but is a great soldier when he is getting grenades thrown at him. To prove my point look at the Cold War. America grew by leaps and bounds during that era, for better or worse. Education, exploration, technology, what else was improved during that era. . . it is almost countless. The reason is that we had a enemy that we had to beat, the Russians. Look at all war for that matter, the majority of all major technological advancements occured for no other reason but war. Arms and bombs are created to kill, while medicins are created to heal the soldiers so that soldier can go out and kill more soldiers. As Americans and humans we need an enemy. Well the question that has popped into your minds, is who gives a shit? Actually this ties in to Mike's post in that I believe that the government is most defintely profiting from Sadam being on the loose. What is interesting is that this theory goes against what I have heard a lot of people on the tele saying. But hear me out. If Americans are constantly reminded that Saddam is out there and is a threat, we (as history dictates) should become more productive. And at this stage of the economy any improved productivty is going to be a huge bonus for this administration.

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