Re: I'm sick of African Americans people blaming all white people for...

I agree with what Donat just said. Its stupid that Retributions were even being considered. Why should we have to pay for what our ancestors did to other people's ancestors? That is total BS...If we pay retributions on one thing..why not take the time to go back and research all the transgressions that occured between people of different races/religion/political standings? Everyone would owe everyone something. It is pointless and stupid...people need to just get over it and deal with problems that are happening now. "I want to live in a society where everyone can forget the sins of the past and live productive lives in a colorblind world. It was over a century ago, let it go." Hell yes, whining about how your great great grandfather was slapped by my great great grandmother won't help anything.

P.S. A comment on the title of the post: I have some "African American" blood in me as well as "White" blood. Does this mean I get to blame myself? Oh, heh. I also hate the term "African American"...most "African Americans" have never even been to Africa...they are just "Americans". Racial labelings can kiss my ass. We are Humans.

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