Re: Re: Those Crazy Democrats

Indeed, I amn't dead after all. I disagree Jesse: they all jump the shark. Lieberman strikes me as evil, as a proponent of the restriction of freedom of speech (and crime against the Bill of Rights) known as 'censorship'. However, it doesn't particularly matter to me; so long as Bush continues to lay the smackdown in the polls against all ten democratic candidates, and with the donkeys as flagrantly divided as they stand, I can't see a liberal outcome for the Presidential Election.

Ah well. On the RIAA, I don't really have anything to say. I believe the best quote to address the situation is 'This is unprecedented... Suing one's best customers? The music industry seems to have irrevocably lost its grip on reality'.

What did everyone think of the Pledge? Does it abridge civil liberties? Is it a blatantly political move by a conservative government in the face of an upcoming presidential election? Your call, not mine.


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