Re: You People have no Backbone

"'everyone is right, no one is wrong' bullshit!" What? I think it would be the "No one is right, no one is wrong" bullshit. Donat seemed to be ranting about how people "have no right to tell someone else what is right and wrong" (which in itself is contradictory. What makes it wrong to tell someone what is right and wrong? Why are you telling them that they have no right to do that? Is that not what you are against? heh) I agree with him in some sense. Countries should not impose their believes on other countries. They should not interfere with what countries are doing to other countries, because "Who is to say if that is right or wrong?". I totally agree with that. BUT I then take a look at what Ben was talking about. You know, the bar of soap thing. If what one country is doing to another has even a slight chance of possibly effecting the freedoms we enjoy so much, either now or in the future. We have to kick their ass. That's all I can say about that....we have to draw the line somewhere. Why not draw it right there?

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